Remembering Magic (Chapter Ten)

Chapter Ten   After a lot of hesitation, Amber and Ash returned to the glade. They’d spent time trying to get the dowsing stones to work in their own living room, but after not having any luck they’d decided they needed to try something more drastic. The glade was full of magic, they knew; the […]

Remembering Magic (Chapter Nine)

Chapter Nine   The girls started to get to know the residents of Greenburrow, though all the residents already seemed to know about the girls. And although the sisters hadn’t yet gotten up the courage to frequent the townsfolk they met at their residences, in almost every store they visited the owners had treats of […]

Remembering Magic (Chapter Eight)

Chapter Eight Late that night there came a scratching sound at Peter’s window. It was quiet and constant, and for a while the sound worked its way into his dreams. Gradually, however, his subconscious became aware of the scratching, and he slowly roused from sleep. It took Peter some time to realize what had woken […]

Remembering Magic (Chapter Seven)

Chapter Seven Over the next couple days, the sisters eased themselves back into the use of the adder stone. Ash was more reluctant, but after her night spent with the crow Amber was ready to learn once more. The first thing they discovered was that their dad couldn’t use it. He’d caught them running around […]

Remembering Magic (Chapter Six)

Chapter Six   Their dad was not thrilled by the idea of keeping a wild bird in the house. “It could have a disease, or bugs,” Peter said. “It’s going to make you sick.” “It won’t dad!” Amber objected rather uselessly, given there was no way she could prove any of his concerns wrong. “And […]

Remembering Magic (Chapter Five)

Chapter Five   “It’s amazing!” Ash said, spinning around with her stone eyepiece. “Brighter than you or me – both of us put together! And so… gentle,” she decided. “And familiar.” “It is familiar,” Amber agreed. “I can feel it, even if I can’t see it.” “You think mom was magical?” Ash asked, wading out […]

Remembering Magic (Chapter Four)

Chapter Four   Although they had wanted to go find Nan immediately and speak with her, Amber had to remind Ash that they had promised their dad they would tell him where they would be and, seeing as how their phones were still out of service, they would have to wait at the house until […]