Remembering Magic (Chapter Seventeen)

Chapter Seventeen   The wolf let out a low growl, and Jack grimaced, shifting his head away from animal just a fraction of an inch. “Are you okay?” Amber asked, watching the wolf. Heading Jack’s plea, she stayed exactly where she was, not willing to risk anything that might make the wolf attack her – […]

Remembering Magic (Chapter Sixteen)

Chapter Sixteen   The first performance was a fire breather. He opened his act by spitting the flames high above the town, and they came raining down again in a harmless twinkling of fireflies. As they were still falling the man began his dance, whirling about in a blur of red and orange – his […]

Remembering Magic (Chapter Fifteen)

Chapter Fifteen   “I want to learn about our parents,” Amber announced one day in the middle of studying at Willow’s place. Her shop had come to be a sort of meeting place for Amber, Ash, and Jack, and they often used one of her back tables to practice new spells and read from Brooke’s […]

Remembering Magic (Chapter Fourteen)

Chapter Fourteen   Ash was out in the back garden, making the plants grow, as Amber helped Nan in her kitchen. Every once in a while Nan would cause chopped vegetables or vials of seasoning to float from the counter and deposit themselves in the casserole dish she was preparing. Amber had tried to perform […]

Remembering Magic (Chapter Thirteen)

Chapter Thirteen   The sisters ran back into town, the adder stone held to Amber’s face. They had explored the town with the adder stone before, but things were different today. Remnants of the adults’ spells and charms lay scattered about the streets, appearing through the stone like ripped nets and broken chain. Amber couldn’t […]

Remembering Magic (Chapter Twelve)

Chapter Twelve   Mal’s wood shop was only a few blocks down the hill from Willow’s cafe, so it didn’t take them long to make it back to bear-infested streets. Willow grew plants as they ran, twining grass and weeds up around the feet of any of the creatures that wandered too close. It was […]

Remembering Magic (Chapter Eleven)

Chapter Eleven   The materials were acquired over the course of the day, and by that night the girls were very much exhausted. They’d assorted their herbs, meticulously drawn out their alchemic circles, and placed everything where it ought to be. Their living room appeared as if the baking isle of a grocery store had […]